The Customer Experience in the Age of Social Media

As technology continually evolves, and the world becomes more and more digital, customers take to online networks like social media, Yelp, and Google for various reasons and in relation to your business. It’s not surprising to find so much going on in these online networks because customers basically now live in their mobile devices. For an insurance agent, this means that social media now plays a major role in customer experience. Being unable to use this to your advantage can lead to a decrease in customer satisfaction and more limiting circumstances for your insurance agency.

Value of managing your social networking sites

  • Interact better with your customers or prospective customers

Social networking sites are the only platforms where clients can talk back and interact with you. It is where they can freely ask questions, make complaints, suggestions, and also get accurate responses. This major touchpoint helps to enhance customer experience and set your insurance agency on a successful path.

  • Quench fires before they start

A dissatisfied customer can go on social media to share their bad experience. This can cost your agency to lose prospects, time, and money trying to salvage the situation. Thankfully, this power goes both ways. By managing your social networking sites, you can see this coming. Or better yet, respond promptly to correct the negative message being passed about your agency.

  • Advertise and get higher conversions

Social media presents a great opportunity to market your brand in the way you desire. As an insurance agent, you can take ads closer to your customers because social media allows you know who they are. Such targeted marketing strategies guarantee higher conversions and leads for your insurance agency.

Steps to maximize customer experience in the age of social media

It’s no secret that most people know they need insurance. Regardless of why some people find it challenging to find the appropriate insurance, social networking platforms give you the opportunity to change this.

  • Humanize your brand

This means adding a voice to your presence on social networking sites. Create something the customers and prospects can relate to. Let the voice show that you care for customers and their satisfaction not just making sales.

  • Solve problems and answer questions

Customer experience can be improved just by paying attention to customers’ needs, problems, and questions. Be prompt and ready to answer any question about your insurance agency or service.

  • Provide updates

Social networking sites are ideal for keeping customers updated on events or situations in the agency. It’s the perfect place to tell people about your discount on groups, and factors influencing their insurance rates. It is also the right place to let your customers know of any problems and the steps been taken to solve them.

  • Turn neutral or negative comments in your favor

Social networking sites allow customers to discuss your service and their experiences. This does not mean they will discuss good things about you. Maximize the influence of social media by acknowledging any neutral or negative comments and stating that action will be taken. 

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