About Dshanya

You probably have a question on your mind coming here and it might sound something like: How does a country girl from East Texas become a brand marketing manager for a top-level insurance agency?

The answer: endless curiosity and a willingness to fail (and fail again). Dshanya Reese is a force to be reckoned with, but the opportunities she has had, are ones she’s earned. Launching a blog to share her insights with fellow insurance agents; a forum she feels is currently non-existent, seemed like the next best step. She willingly shares her story: how she got into her current role and how agents can feel comfortable in the age of digital and social media.

After spending a decade working for an insurance carrier, Dshanya joined forces with an Austin-based independent insurance agency in 2009 as a Personal Lines Account Manager. Since 2014, she has been the resident expert of the agency’s brand voice and architecture, ensuring that consistent and high-quality communication and community engagement advance the agency’s mission of being here to help. Dshanya is an active member of the insurance community and holds the designation of Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) from the National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research.

In her free time, being a true Texan at heart, she enjoys eating Texas BBQ (that’s no sauce, y’all) and obsessing over Houston Texans football. She is a perfectionist at heart that puts her all into everything she does. With this blog, she strives to show people that all you need is heart and the ability to listen and absorb. Dshanya takes pride openly discussing the inner workings of her industry from her unique point of view.