Why I Love Video Marketing

If you are an insurance agent and looking to increase the number of leads flowing into your office, you should be using the power of video marketing. Now what is video marketing? How can you use video marketing to get exponential growth in your policy count? And what are some of the best video marketing strategies for insurance agents?

Hi I’m Dshanya Reese and I am a licensed agent with more than 20 years of experience. Welcome to my website. This site is dedicated to producing amazing content for the insurance agents like you to help you succeed.

Just like other industries, the insurance industry has also evolved since I started — and astronomically over the past decade. The clients have become smarter and thanks to the internet, they have all the information they need at their fingertips. People are spending more time on their hand held devices and this is where most of the business is being done these days. Companies are now spending heavily on digital marketing. In 2019, about 55% of all the ad revenue is being spent on digital marketing in the US. And this percentage will be increasing drastically in the coming years!

It should come as no surprise that digital marketing is the present and the future form of marketing for Insurance carriers. Most insurance carriers are already spending heavily in this space. But, there is a problem.

Many insurance agents have still not caught the digital marketing wave and they are still using the more traditional methods or are not utilizing digital marketing to its full potential. They are not dedicating enough time to their digital presence and are not creating enough content. I get it. Bringing in new business and servicing existing clients are the priority. That’s your short-term. I want to challenge you to think about your long-term marketing strategy and how you can harness the power of digital marketing to its full potential.

Now, when it comes to utilizing the full potential of digital marketing, one of the things that you should be doing is focusing on video marketing. It is the number one trend in digital marketing, it is relatively hassle free, and it can provide you with literally exponential growth in your leads and eventually in your policy count.

Now what exactly is video marketing?

Video marketing is simply getting your message to your potential clients by creating videos. Now these videos can be on any social media platform and can have any format. The idea is simply to get your message across through engaging video content. As you would already know and probably experienced as well, videos are extremely powerful. And when done right, a single video can bring in hundreds of leads.

You might be thinking that video marketing is for the big companies because of the high production costs and expertise required. Wrong!

Anyone can use video marketing. You don’t need any high tech equipment, or special expertise to start video marketing. All you need is the right strategy. Once you have your strategy in place, simply focus on producing video content according to that strategy, and wait for the results.

As an insurance agent, once you learn how to create video content that works for your agency, I suspect that your entire philosophy about how to generate leads will change. Clients love visual content and their trust levels are increased by several folds once they are able to see and hear a person instead of reading dry emails.

Now you might be wondering how you can use video marketing to stand out from the crowd and reach out to your potential clients effectively. Well, there are numerous ways of getting the attention of potential clients through video. The more high quality videos you produce and the more innovative you are with your video ideas, the more engaged viewers will be.

I know it can be difficult to start video marketing from scratch and creating a long terms strategy can be a big task. So to get you started, I have compiled a list of 10 amazing video marketing strategies for insurance agents. You can use any of these strategies to get growth for your agency.

Strategy Number 1 – Create Direct Sales Videos

This is the good old fashioned direct selling of your agency via video. Create a couple of ads in which you simply describe the benefits of working with your agency. Share stories about your staff and your agency’s purpose for being. Now this is very straight forward and for it to work, you may  need to spend a little money on Facebook ads to reach a large number of people. Let’s say it reaches 10,000 people, chances are that a few of them will actually be looking for insurance and they will contact you.

Strategy Number 2 – Create Story Based Social Videos

One of the most effective ways of engaging with your clients is to create and post story based videos on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

The story based videos do not directly advertise a product. They tell a story that usually ends with the subject of the video benefitting from the service that you are providing. Now, I’m sure that you will be able to find plenty of real life stories within your agency.

Strategy Number 3 – Create Client Testimonials

A great way of bringing in more clients is to create client testimonial videos. It is normal for people to get inspired by other people’s experiences. By sharing the firsthand account of what it was like for your clients to do business with you and how well it worked out for them, you might just give your prospects the final push that they need to join your agency.

Strategy Number 4 – Create a YouTube Channel and Play the Long Game

Creating and running a YouTube channel takes time. But if you upload videos regularly, your channel will grow over time. And within a few years it can turn out to be your biggest asset because you are creating evergreen content. You could be generating thousands of leads every month, just with your YouTube channel. You could be making daily or weekly vlogs, interviewing people, posting important updates, and sharing valuable information with your audience. YouTube gives you enormous power and ability to create a stable long term audience

Strategy Number 5 – Create Explainer Videos

Many insurance buyers simply don’t understand what benefits they are getting and why they should prefer your agency? This is where explainer videos can help you. Create some amazing explainer videos or get them made for you. They are easy to understand and easy to remember. A two minute explainer video with great graphics and a decent voiceover is much easier to remember than a lengthy article that explains a coverage.

Strategy Number 6 – Interview Local Business Owners

Interviewing local business owners is not only a great way of engaging your audience but it also gives you an opportunity to develop a strong personal relationship with the local business owners. You can ask them questions about their industry, how they got started, and what challenges they face. Also, you can subtly promote your insurance solutions in the interviews. As these will be local business owners, the audience for your videos will not be as big but will be highly engaged. Also, you will establish a trust with the local business owners who run the local economy, and over time you could become the go-to insurance person in your community.

Strategy Number 7 – Create Personalized Videos for Your Prospects

Sending out plain dry emails to your prospects is not attractive any more. Why not create personalized videos for your prospects. Understand their needs, and then modify your usual script to accommodate those needs and their specific situation.

Trust me, most of the people love it when they know that a person is going out of his way to reach them. Your emails will definitely stand out and chances are your prospects will call you to discuss more.

Strategy Number 8 – Cover Local Events

This can be a great way of building a strong online presence within your local area. You can go to the different local events and cover them in your videos. Local people will watch these videos as these will be relevant to them and you can get your message through to them by telling people about your services in each video.

Strategy Number 9 – Create Daily Vlogs

I want you to stick with me on this one. It requires a lot of work. But, it works. Creating daily vlogs that revolve around your life as an insurance agent can help your personal brand. It can help you get recognition very quickly. As time progresses, people will become attached to you and you will start getting regular leads from your daily videos. I acknowledge that it will be difficult at start to create daily vlogs and even more difficult to keep it up.  But once you get a hold of it, it will be much easier and over time there will come a point where your entire business as an insurance agent will revolve around these  vlogs. The possibilities will be endless.

Strategy Number 10 – Post-Claim Client Interviews

Most clients are very happy after a successful claim. And this is when they can give you great video content. Once a client has completed the claims process, immediately contact them for a testimonial. If you wait for a month, the client may not be as excited and might not be willing to give the interview. So contact them after the successful claim and just do an interview of two to three minutes. Such successful claim videos will increase your credibility in the coomunity and those people who are skeptical about the possibility of having a successful insurance claim, will turn into believers. 

Video marketing just became mainstream in the past decade and with the faster internet speeds and more penetration of hand held devices, the trend of consuming online videos is only going to increase. So it is absolutely necessary for the insurance agents to get started with video content creation. As you continue to develop video content, you will expand your horizons and get comfortable with producing more high quality content over time. The key is to stay focused and keep producing content that resonates with your local audience.

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